Sprinkler Tips

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If your sprinkler systems aren’t working as reliably or as efficiently as you need them to operate, it’s time to remedy the situation with a quick call to Lawn Care San Diego: Sprinkler Repair Division. We’re certified sprinkler technicians that handle both residential and commercial clients, and can get your system back to perfect working order in no time. We understand the importance of a healthy and attractive lawn, an investment that not only brings joy on a daily basis, but increases the value of your property, and invites customers, friends, and neighbors to feel welcome whenever they choose to pay a visit.

When your sprinklers simply aren’t functioning, or are only working on a relatively limited basis, it isn’t just a mere inconvenience. In Southern California, where the summers can be hot and the sun scorching, failure to water your lawn and your beloved plants properly and on a regular basis can quickly lead to their demise. We’re dedicated to helping you avoid those costly and frustrating problems, with service that’s guaranteed to leave your sprinkler systems as good as new.

When you contact Lawn Care San Diego¬†we’ll not only help fix your existing problems, but talk to you about a full-scale plan for improving the look and feel of your greenery. Whether it’s re-landscaping the area, installing additional sprinkler valves to avoid under watering your greenery, or installing lights that transform your yard into the perfect place to entertain friends and family, we have an affordable and reliable solution. Call today for your free estimate, and see how far a simple repair can take you!

  • Time clock needs to be reprogrammed
  • No water to one sprinkler head
  • Water is running continuously
  • Sprinkler head(s) need(s) to be relocated
  • Time clock isn’t functioning properly
  • No water to one area of sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler direction/spread needs adjustment
  • Sprinkler Valves Leaking