There are a lot of factors that are involved when estimating the cost of tree removal.  The price to remove a tree or trees depends on where the tree is located on the property, its height and width. Trees that are located near power lines or local utilities require certain risk factors and liability issues.

Most property owners do not know what is fair or what is not fair when it comes to pricing a tree removal job.  Always remember, the higher the risk, the higher the cost to remove a tree.  For instance, if you have a tree that is out in your yard and is located away from fences or your home, it would be less expensive as a tree that is located right next to your home or structures.  The complexity of the tree removal and the time spent removing the tree is another cost factor.  Tree services are usually busy and your job is usually not the only job they have for the day.  They do not want the job to last any longer than you do.  Tree service providers want to get in, cut it down and go to the next job.  This is how they remain productive and make a living for their families.

It is up to the homeowner or property owner to check with local municipalities and covenant restricted property owners associations to see if you need to purchase a permit before removing the tree.  This cost is the responsibility of the property owner.

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